Jumat, 31 Juli 2015

Animation Writing and Development

Animation Writing and Development
By:"Jean Ann Wright"
Published on 2013-07-18 by Taylor & Francis and Written in en

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Contain 360 Pages. The art. The craft. The business. Animation Writing and Development takes students and animation professionals alike through the process of creating original characters, developing a television series, feature, or multimedia project, and writing professional premises, outlines and scripts. It covers the process of developing presentation bibles and pitching original projects as well as ideas for episodes of shows already on the air. Animation Writing and Development includes chapters on animation history, on child development (writing for kids), and on storyboarding. It gives advice on marketing and finding work in the industry. It provides exercises for students as well as checklists for professionals polishing their craft. This is a guide to becoming a good writer as well as a successful one.

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Minggu, 26 Juli 2015


By:"Chris Webster"
Published on 2005 by Taylor & Francis and Written in en

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Contain 259 Pages. A guide to the fundamental principles of animation covers figurative animation, timing, acting, design, animals in motion, sound synchronization, and technical issues.

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Jumat, 24 Juli 2015

Turkey Monster Thanksgiving

Turkey Monster Thanksgiving
By:"Anne Warren Smith"
Published on 2003-01 by Albert Whitman and Company and Written in en

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Contain 103 Pages. When her perfectionist classmate and neighbor plans an elaborate Thanksgiving dinner, Katie begins to wonder if the relaxed day she, her father, and her messy little brother usually enjoy means they are not a \

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Rabu, 15 Juli 2015

Calling Me Home

Calling Me Home
By:"Julie Kibler"
Published on 2013-02-12 by Macmillan and Written in en

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Contain 336 Pages. A National Best Seller! Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler is a soaring debut interweaving the story of a heartbreaking, forbidden love in 1930s Kentucky with an unlikely modern-day friendship Eighty-nine-year-old Isabelle McAllister has a favor to ask her hairdresser Dorrie Curtis. It's a big one. Isabelle wants Dorrie, a black single mom in her thirties, to drop everything to drive her from her home in Arlington, Texas, to a funeral in Cincinnati. With no clear explanation why. Tomorrow. Dorrie, fleeing problems of her own and curious whether she can unlock the secrets of Isabelle's guarded past, scarcely hesitates before agreeing, not knowing it will be a journey that changes both their lives. Over the years, Dorrie and Isabelle have developed more than just a business relationship. They are friends. But Dorrie, fretting over the new man in her life and her teenage son's irresponsible choices, still wonders why Isabelle chose her. Isabelle confesses that, as a willful teen in 1930s Kentucky, she fell deeply in love with Robert Prewitt, a would-be doctor and the black son of her family's housekeeper—in a town where blacks weren't allowed after dark. The tale of their forbidden relationship and its tragic consequences makes it clear Dorrie and Isabelle are headed for a gathering of the utmost importance and that the history of Isabelle's first and greatest love just might help Dorrie find her own way.

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Kamis, 09 Juli 2015

21st Century Architecture

21st Century Architecture
By:"Stephen Crafti"
Published on 2011 by Images Publishing and Written in en

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Contain 239 Pages. Featuring stunning full color photography—50 beautiful architect-designed homes Australians and New Zealanders are drawn to the coast. Whether it's a permanent abode or a simple fibro shack, the sound of the surf and the feel of sand beneath one's feet are perennially appealing. This latest beach house book by Stephen Crafti features 50 architect-designed homes along the coast. From the simple to the monumental, these homes leave a lasting impression. While many of the homes featured in the book are lavishly appointed, others simply frame the spectacular views ahead.

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Minggu, 05 Juli 2015

Anime: A History

Anime: A History
By:"Jonathan Clements"
Published on 2013-12-12 by British Film Institute and Written in en

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Contain 256 Pages. This comprehensive history of Japanese animation draws on Japanese primary sources and testimony from industry professionals to explore the production and reception of anime, from its early faltering steps, to the international successes of Spirited Away and Pok√É©mon.

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