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House Dividing

House Dividing
By:"Paul Hymers"
Published on 2007 by New Holland Publishers and Written in en

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Contain 256 Pages. The motivation for dividing a property into smaller homes is not hard to find. Demand for housing continues to outstrip supply and the spiralling prices of homes are bewildering.Creating an annexe to the home is no longer a desirable luxury, it is increasingly becoming a necessity, and not just for the grandparents. The children have reached adulthood only to discover they can't afford to buy their first home, and are staying in the parental home for longer.For the more ambitious, dividing a larger house into apartments or maisonettes, not only creates the space for independent living, it can realise the full potential and maximum value of your property, and set you on a career path as a property developer.This book contains clear, concise advice and informative diagrams that will help at every stage of the process, from submitting planning applications, complying with building regulations, dividing services and utilities, to creating flats, maisonettes and annexes.

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