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Little House in the Highlands

Little House in the Highlands
By:"Melissa Wiley"
Published on 2007-05-01 by Zondervan and Written in en

Little House in the Highlands has H0n7QImIKEgC id Number and 13 on Google Books Ranking

"Melissa Wiley"want to thanks The Reader, The Rater and EveryOne Envolve in [TITLE}

Contain 160 Pages. It's 1788 and Martha lives in a little stone house in Glencaraid, Scotland. Her father is Laird Glencaraid, which means Martha must behave like a young lady even when she would much rather run around the Scottish hillside!

This Book was ranked 13 by Google Books for keyword house.

The Book's Rate is 4.5, Rated by 3 People

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