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Basics Animation 01: Scriptwriting

Basics Animation 01: Scriptwriting
By:"Paul Wells"
Published on 2007-11-13 by AVA Publishing and Written in en

Basics Animation 01: Scriptwriting has pGiP8Rt20FkC id Number and 31 on Google Books Ranking

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Contain 184 Pages. The Basics Animation series follows on from the successful title The Fundamentals of Animation and offers a concise but comprehensive account of a number of definitions and approaches to script, drawing upon the available literature. The book adopts a straightforward approach that is diagnostic, advisory and characterized by a range of examples. Most importantly, Basics Animation: Scriptwriting seeks to promote the distinctiveness of animation as a form of expression, and provides a clear account of the choices and approaches available to the scriptwriter / animator / director, and the particularities of each model. Inevitably, some of these models will have common approaches, but equally, there will be localized variations dependent upon the definition/understanding of animation adopted by individuals, companies and studios.

This Book was ranked 31 by Google Books for keyword animation.

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