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Monster theory [electronic resource]

Monster theory [electronic resource]
By:"Jeffrey Jerome Cohen"
Published on 1996 by U of Minnesota Press and Written in en

Monster theory [electronic resource] has hQWa3r-vMLwC id Number and 15 on Google Books Ranking

"Jeffrey Jerome Cohen"want to thanks The Reader, The Rater and EveryOne Envolve in [TITLE}

Contain 315 Pages. The contributors to Monster Theory consider beasts, demons, freaks and fiends as symbolic expressions of cultural unease that pervade a society and shape its collective behavior. Through a historical sampling of monsters, these essays argue that our fascination for the monstrous testifies to our continued desire to explore difference and prohibition.

This Book was ranked 15 by Google Books for keyword monster.

The Book's Rate is 5.0, Rated by 1 People

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