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Anime Poster Art

Anime Poster Art
By:"Patrick Macias"
Published on 2003 by DH Publishing Inc and Written in en

Anime Poster Art has eQPqZsrDi20C id Number and 14 on Google Books Ranking

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Contain 111 Pages. The posters, programs and flyers that launched a revolution in animated film! Anime, now 50 years old, is as much a part of Japanese culture as sushi and Sony. And though many of the best works remain hidden from fans unable to visit Japan, some of these desireable images are here in this book! With 9 chapters, 160+ full-color images, 4 full-page essays and rich bonus material, this is more than just another film poster book. Here's a sample of the contents: - original Japanese posters, programs and flyers of \

This Book was ranked 14 by Google Books for keyword anime.

The Book's Rate is 3.0, Rated by 2 People

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