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3-D Human Modeling and Animation

3-D Human Modeling and Animation
By:"Peter Ratner"
Published on 2003 by John Wiley & Sons and Written in en

3-D Human Modeling and Animation has fWErKelQ76MC id Number and 2 on Google Books Ranking

"Peter Ratner"want to thanks The Reader, The Rater and EveryOne Envolve in [TITLE}

Contain 316 Pages. Enhanced by hundreds of sample illustrations, this updated guide to the modeling of the human body takes readers through the entire modeling and animation process for both male and female figures and is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing framework files in various file formats, sample textures, exercises to reinforce techniques, and other features. Original. (All Users)

This Book was ranked 2 by Google Books for keyword animation.

The Book's Rate is 4.5, Rated by 2 People

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