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Anime and the Art of Adaptation

Anime and the Art of Adaptation
By:"Dani Cavallaro"
Published on 2010-08-02 by McFarland and Written in en

Anime and the Art of Adaptation has MSByTgL91GUC id Number and 27 on Google Books Ranking

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Contain 220 Pages. Exploring a selection of anime adaptations of famous works of both Eastern and Western provenance, this book is concerned with appreciating their significance and appeal as autonomous textual formations. The book evaluates three core facets of anime adaptation--how anime adaptations contribute to their original sources in stylistic, aesthetic, and psychological terms; how specific features of the anime medium impact alchemically on the original sources to bring into being imaginative works of autonomous nature; and which qualities render an adaptation in anime form a distinctly separate, uniqu.

This Book was ranked 27 by Google Books for keyword anime.

The Book's Rate is 1.0, Rated by 1 People

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