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Boogie Monster Dance Kit

Boogie Monster Dance Kit
By:"Josie Bissett"
Published on 2011-06-01 by Compendium Publishing & Communications and Written in en

Boogie Monster Dance Kit has -CROYgEACAAJ id Number and 13 on Google Books Ranking

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Contain 36 Pages. Here's everything a child needs to fully enjoy the fun and creativity of the Boogie Monster story, music, and dance experience. Josie Bissett's inspiring new book comes with furry Boogie Legs (plush leggings that are one size fits most kids) and an original CD of rollicking dance tunes by Recess Monkey. Kids read the book aloud with their parents, and then transform themselves into Boogie Monster by simply donning their Boogie Legs, following the story and dancing to the music. Everything comes in a colorful re-useable gift folio with magnetic closure a wonderful gift for parents, grandparents and children (ages 3-9).

This Book was ranked 13 by Google Books for keyword monster.

The Book's Rate is , Rated by People

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